What's the story behind Solas Alive?

500 years ago, a German priest and university professor, Martin Luther, was doing everything he could think of to please God…he fasted, he prayed, he hit himself, he did good deeds…but he still didn’t feel God was on his side and had forgiven him for the many times he hurt others or hurt himself. He didn’t believe he had been saved from God’s judgement or received forgiveness, despite all his efforts.

Martin spent a lot of time reading the Bible. Deep down he felt there must be a way to please God and earn His favour. As he was studying a part of the Bible, a letter written to early Christians in Ephesus (a coastal city in what’s now Turkey), he read that God’s forgiveness didn’t come through anything he tried to do; it was a gift received through faith.

A gift!

Nothing Martin—or anyone—did could earn God’s forgiveness. And because it was a gift, he couldn’t boast that he earned God’s favour by something he did.

This new understanding of how God’s love and salvation worked made Martin question all he believed and all he’d been taught. So, he began looking at the Bible in a different way, looking for evidence of God’s grace—His underserved love for all people.
Martin discovered that:

  • God wasn’t out to “get” him but wanted to bring him and all people into His family
  • The Bible was more important than the rules and traditions of the Church
  • God’s forgiveness wasn’t earned but received by faith, believing in His Son, Jesus Christ

In other words, three things stood out alone as the essentials for the Christian faith: Grace, Faith and Scripture—three “sole” concepts—or in Latin “Solas.”

After trying everything he could to please God, Martin realized that what the Bible said was true: Believe (have faith) in the Lord Jesus Christ, and that God raised Him from the dead, and you will be saved from God’s judgement and punishment!

Simple. Straightforward. God’s love for Martin, for you and for everyone.

God loved the world so much He sent His only Son, Jesus Christ, that whoever believes in Him won’t perish but have eternal life.

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Story Behind Solas Alive

500 years ago, a German priest and university professor, Martin Luther, was doing everything he could think of to please God…

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