Assembly Required Instructions? Pfft!

Sola Scripture • Scripture Alone

Follow directions, read instructions – who needs it? But then there’s that one life situation that confuses you or sends you the wrong way. What do you do then? Here’s the answer.

Manufacturers spend a lot of time and money creating instruction manuals so we can understand the features and get the most out of their products. That’s what God did with the Bible. It’s not a rule book, but sets out a framework for life based on the how the Creator put us together. It’s also the account of how God revealed Himself and demonstrated His love and justice throughout history. Best of all, it tells us of His Son, Jesus, who took on Himself the punishment from God that we deserve for our selfish disregard of His “best practices” outlined in the Bible. Sound interesting?

Start here with a historical account.

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The Fight

Sola Fide
Faith Alone


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Digging Deeper

What is Grace?

Remember reading reports about strangers paying for someone else’s meal just because? That’s what grace looks like.

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What is Faith?

When you walk up a flight of stairs you believe that the step will hold your weight. That’s faith.

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What is Scripture?

For Christians, scripture means the Bible, a collection of 66 books that together record how God revealed Himself and His love to humankind.

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Story Behind Solas Alive

500 years ago, a German priest and university professor, Martin Luther, was doing everything he could think of to please God…

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Where can I find out more?

The best place to begin looking into Christianity is at a local church. That’s why they exist.

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I have a question

Have a question that you can't find an answer to? Big or small, we would love to take some time to discuss your questions.

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