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Sola Gratia • Grace Alone

Grace – it’s a word you don’t hear often and a type of action you see even less. Grace is an undeserved act of love and forgiveness. If you’ve hurt or offended someone they can punish you or get back at you or they can act with grace and forgive you. You can read more about God’s grace here.

We live in a world based on the attitude “you get what you deserve“ or earn or “what goes around, comes around.” Some people think God acts that way. But He doesn’t. He acts with grace. We don’t get what we deserve from God when it comes to our spiritual life. He demands perfection if we’re going to please Him or have any relationship with Him – and we’re all a long way from that. No matter how hard we try or how many good things we do, we can’t earn God’s favour. But His love for us is so great He wants everyone to be part of His family. So even though we’re a long way from His standard, He decided to do it for us by sending His Son, Jesus, who lived the perfect life.

Although God’s sense of justice says that we deserve punishment—actually a death sentence—for our actions and attitudes against Him, His overwhelming gracious love says He’ll make a way for us to avoid that judgement. Instead of punishing us for our imperfections, He allowed His perfect Son to take our death sentence when He was executed by crucifixion—nailed to a cross until death. Jesus was buried in a borrowed tomb. But not for long. Crucified on Friday, alive again on Sunday! More than 500 people saw Jesus alive! So not only did God punish Jesus instead of us, He brought Him back to life to prove that death was defeated. That victory over death is shared by all who trust and believe in Jesus. There is life after death! And when this world ends, believers will experience the same resurrection as Jesus.

God loves us so much that He sent His only Son, Jesus Christ, so that whoever believes in Him would not perish but have eternal life. Jesus didn’t come into our world to condemn us, but that we and the whole world could be saved from God’s eternal punishment through Him.

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